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The owners of this website hereby disclose to you the following Privacy Policy. This Policy has been created for the purpose of informing visitors to our site about their personal privacy rights while using this site. All visitors are bound by the terms disclosed in this Policy. If you do not agree with any of the provisions set forth below, discontinue your visit immediately. Thank you for visiting

  1. We collect, store and analyze non-personal data about each visitor that uses this site. The data we collect and the methods used to collect and store that data follow standard Internet practices.
  2. We collect the following non-personal data when you visit this site:
  • IP address (identifier for the device used to access the site)
  • Browser type (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome)
  • Operating system of the device used to access the site
  • Web addresses of web pages visited prior to and immediately following your use of this site
  • Pages and viewing duration while visiting this site
  • Date and time accessed
  1. The non-personal data collected is used for statistical analysis using standard third-party software programs. These programs create statistical summaries only. The statistics are analyzed for the purpose of identifying site issues, improving site performance and providing value to our visitors.
  2. We may collect personal information provided voluntarily by you, including name, email address and other contact information. This data may be collected via email, web forms or other user-generated means.
  3. Personal information is used for the purposes of responding to your inquiries and/or registering an account for correspondence and/or other services.
  4. Should you provide us with personal information, we may use that information to:
  • Provide you with personalized information and services
  • Process your inquiry
  • Improve visitor support services
  • Inform you about premium services found on this site or those of our business partners
  • Improve the site content
  • Provide notifications and updates to you
  1. Non-personal data is collected through the use of cookies. A “cookie” is a digital file sent by the site, which is stored within your computer’s hard drive. Cookies do not interfere with the operation of the computer whatsoever; however, they send the non-personal data referenced in #2 to our server.
  2. You may elect to deny cookies through an adjustment made in your web browser. Consult you browser’s help files to learn how to accomplish this task.
  3. We reserve the right to distribute non-personal information to certain third parties for the purpose of providing visitors with relevant products and services.
  4. Site owners will not sell or disclose personal information to third parties under any circumstances without first obtaining your written consent.
  5. Non-personal data and personal Information may be disclosed to certain government and legal authorities as required by law.
  6. We will not disclose personal information to government and/or legal authorities unless one or more of the following conditions exist:
  • We have obtained written consent by you to share the information with third parties
  • You have voided your rights under this Privacy Policy through actions that may be attributed solely or in adjunct with others
  • We must respond to subpoenas, court orders or other legal requests
  • We must defend ourselves against legal claims, such as fraud or illegal gambling
  1. We continually make efforts to protect the security of your information. Access to all data and personal information is strictly limited and continuously monitored. Our employees and business partners are obliged to respect the confidential nature of your information and take reasonable steps to ensure the information remains protected.
  2. This site, and partner and non-partner sites connected to the site, are not intended for use by persons under the age of majority in the jurisdiction from where the site is being accessed. As such, there is no specific Privacy Policy or specific privacy protections that pertain to site visitors who have not yet reached the age of majority in the jurisdiction from where the site is being accessed.
  3. You agree and represent that you are 18 years of age or older in the United States or have reached the age of majority in other jurisdictions, therefore have become eligible to use this site in the jurisdiction from where it has been accessed. We reserve the right to access and verify personal information you have provided for the purpose of legal age confirmation.
  4. By using the Site you fully agree to accept all terms within this Privacy Policy.
  5. You may contact us with questions about this Privacy Policy through the following means only:

By mail:

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