Android Overtakes iOS In Tablet Share, And What This Means For Betting

Android-VS-Apple-1Are Apple’s days of dominance over? The Cupertino, California based company has experienced a bit of turmoil since its CEO Steve Jobs died in 2011. Despite solid overall sales, Apple has seen its share price fall from a high of $700 last year, to a current price of $446.11 as of the writing of this article.

The news gets even worse when you consider the lucrative tablet market. On May 2nd it was revealed that Android tablet devices overtook iOS in terms of market share… and the size of the gap is widening.

Numbers reported today show that Android tablets account for 56.5% of the market share, while iOS iPads accounted for 39.6%. This is a staggering blow for Apple, and a huge victory for Google, who last year only held 39.4% of the market share against Apple’s 58.1%.

What makes this even more significant is that Apple’s iPad mini has not helped restore Apple’s dominance. When the smaller tablet was released last fall, it was meant to compete with Android’s cheaper tablets.

What this means for the mobile gambling market

With the explosion of the mobile gambling market, it is likely that we will begin to see more and more internet based casinos designing software with an emphasis on Android’s platform strengths. Over the past few years, the iPad has been such a dominant presence that developers based their mobile betting strategy on that platform. Android almost felt like an afterthought, with releases that were not as stable, or frankly entertaining being released as a result.

Now that the market has shifted, betting developers will be wise to accept this, and change their development strategies accordingly.

With an adaptive operating system that has only gotten better over time, Android is quickly becoming the go-to standard for software developers, who have leaned how to quickly adapt to the system’s benefits. Unlike the days of yore, developers have been able to adapt, and users get their apps released at an almost simultaneous time as Apple’s.

Tablets first, smartphones second

Now that there is a dominant force in the tablet market, we need to see some real movement towards apps that are specifically developed for tablets. All too often we have seen apps that are designed with the smartphone in mind.

There has been a lot of neglect thrown the tablet’s way, and there needs to be a fundamental shift towards actually developing gambling software that is tailored for the slate screen. When developed correctly, sportsbetting, casino, and poker betting is much better on a tablet than on a smartphone or PC.

While that sounds nice, it doesn’t mean anything until you get down to thinking just how gaming apps could be tailored to an Android tablet’s features. With support for HD displays, cameras, microphones, and more, there are plenty of assets that developers can use to make Android a great gambling system.

However, it is most important that gaming firms focus on making stable products for the platform. One thing that apps on the Apple App Store have on Android apps is that they are reviewed by Apple officials to make sure that the software runs in a stable manner and will not crash. Because of Google’s ban on gambling apps, this is not possible, but it does not mean that it is not possible to develop a stable platform.

Going Forward

It is just a matter of time before we start seeing a huge shift toward Android in terms of gaming design. What will initially begin as a trickle will turn into a flooded market, and Android betting will be equally, if not more popular than iOS betting in the next two years.