Live Dealer Games Are The Future Of Mobile Table Games

In a world in which we see the cyber betting market rapidly evolving, one game is positioning itself as the new standard bearer in terms of innovation and popularity. This game set allows both rapid betting and a real world casino feel, and has been gaining new operators left and right.

The game type is Live Dealer titles, and they are the future of mobile devices.

For those of you who are not in the know, Live Dealer games are about as close to real life casino betting as you can get in a cyber betting realm. The games are offered by many internet casinos and see players playing games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette against a real life dealer in a studio or land based casino.

In Live Dealer Games, players are able to place bets much like they would any other cyber game, but the action plays out in real time as a dealer is present and actively engaged through the use of cameras and microphones.

During the games real cards with barcodes are used. When the cards are scanned, they are properly put up into a virtual table in which the punter can interact with. The actions are then played out, and punters have their funds credited or subtracted from their online total accordingly.

With many recent high end smartphones hitting the market, the world has never been more set for mobile live dealer games. Traditionally speaking, these games require quite a bit more processing power than what had previously been available on mobile devices. However nowadays, it is not uncommon to have a phone with a high end processor and lots of RAM. Some phones are even sporting quad-core chips and up to 2 Gigs of RAM.

Needless to say, the time is now here when mobile devices are able to handle the workload imposed by these games, and gaming operators would be wise to adopt such games for their customers.

Some gaming operators have beat the rush by offering these games to punters. In February, industry giant Playtech announced that it had developed mobile live dealer software and that internet casino BetFred would be the first operator to adopt such software.

But who will come next in the realm of mobile live dealers? Microgaming is a good bet, as is Swedish internet betting firm Net Entertainment. Perhaps an even more relevant question is: What features will such mobile based live dealer games need to have in order to be successful?

Here is a list of some features that we feel will be necessary for mobile live casinos to utilize in a successful market.

  • A touch friendly interface: Even though games will utilize a large portion of the screen for the video aspect, the games still need to have an easy to navigate the software. This translates to large buttons, and a color friendly layout that will differentiate the different betting options from each other.
  • The ability to be played over a 3G or better cellular connection: This goes without saying. If gaming companies want their product to be truly mobile, then cellular compatibility is a must. Shockingly, there is a large number of iPhone and Android related apps that are operational using only wifi (Apple’s Face Time Chat comes to mind). Even though video can be a bandwidth hog, this is a necessity in terms of mobile compatibility.
  • The ability to compress data: This goes hand in hand with the 3G cellular connection. Many people are now forced to undergo a limited data plan. Thus, if players want to be able to realistically play on the go, it is imperative that online gambling software developers be able to actually compress that data amount to make it palpable for punters to play these live dealer games.
  • Continue the attractive girl theme, but add a little something for the ladies: Anyone who has played a live dealer game knows that the women who generally deal out the cards are bombshells. This is great for the male demographic, but gaming developers should remember that women play too, and if they are on the go, having provocatively dressed women on their screen may not be the best option for them. I am not saying having a Chippendale dancers on the screen, but a male dealer may help attract more female punters.
  • A strong marketing push: Mobile casino games are generally seen as having the slots and virtual table games being the top dogs. This will be the trend for the foreseeable future, but casinos can promote their live dealer products and eventually use the game’s popularity to overcome the straight virtual games. In order to do so, an operator needs to push the personal aspect that live dealer games give you, and really tout the game’s virtues.

These are what we view as key components to the future success of live dealer games. The selection and technical aspect is great, and now that smartphones and tablets have the ability to run live dealer games, it is time for operators to capitalize and rush in the new era of cyber casino betting.