Mobile Sportsbetting Is Red Hot

img_1Mobile betting is red hot. If you are a doubter of this fact, you need look no further than the financial reports of internet betting firms. On almost every financial release, the brightest spot is mobile betting. While there are many ways for punters to enjoy a flutter on their device, one of the specific ways of mobile betting is the most popular by a long shot.

That activity is sportsbetting.

Sportsbetting is an activity wherein the punter predicts the outcome of various aspects of a sporting event. This can be the differential in the final score, the number of points scored, determining the winner or loser, and so on. The industry is very involved and engaging for those who participate, and the unpredictable nature of professional sports makes the betting that much more exciting.

Of course, the leading group of punters participating in sportsbetting are sports fans themselves. This means that men aged 25-49 are the vital group that betting firms need to target in order to keep profitable. When looked at, these folks are on the go, and the vast majority of people in that group have a smartphone, both in the USA and rest of the world.

When you look at the numbers that way, it is easy to see why sportsbetting has proven to be so popular. With so many people out and about, mobile sportsbetting allows them to have the power to bet on a match while out at the grocery store, theater, gym, or the event itself.

If you re-read that paragraph again, you will note that I used the word “power”. That is an important distinction when talking about a form of gambling. Of course, the house has the edge, and that can be kind of a buzz kill. But when you are in control or empowered to make the decision on the outcome of the big game, you feel great. If your bet ends up winning and you beat the expert oddsmaker, you feel even better. This is the core backbone behind the mobile bet; empowerment.

Beyond that empowerment is the great features that mobile sportsbetting provides punters with. Now that smartphones and tablets are able to handle live streaming video and stats, sportsbetting has achieved a new level of interactivity with punters.

Live odds can be displayed and updated on the fly, and match videos can also be watched simultaneously. This gives the punter a bevy of great ways to enhance his betting experience… and bring him back for more.

Another aspect to consider is the social functions that mobile betting can serve. What better way is there to settle a sporting argument than placing a wager on the game. Imagine two friends at a pub: “Do you really think that Liverpool is better than Chelsea? Okay, smart guy, put your money where your mouth is. Put £20 on them pulling this game out.” The friend then pulls out his smartphone, pulls up his BetVictor app, and seals the bet away. This type of bet would not have been possible in the past, and supporting updates will allow the punter to gloat via social media outlets when it turns out he is correct.

A chance for a cooldown

In a market that is expanding as rapidly and aggressively as mobile betting, there will likely be a point where mobile sportsbetting hits a lull. This point is likely off in the distance, but will be caused by the stagnation of the services provided. When various methods of enjoying activities are not updated, they often become tired, and the public moves on to the next big thing.

It is yet to be seen if mobile sportsbetting has the ability to stay fresh enough and keep with the changing times. Some will say that sports betting is an act that is so established that of course, mobile betting will be popular for years to come. Others will say that punters are just waiting for the next big thing, and that when something comes along, mobile sportsbetting will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Perhaps they should log on to their phones and place a wager.