The Lure of Mobile Betting In Land Casinos

Earlier this week it was announced that the very popular Atlantis Casino in Nassau, Bahamas had partnered with Cantor gaming to develop a mobile betting site for visitors on the resort’s grounds. The mobile site will allow punters to wager on casino, poker, and sportsbetting games through their iOS and Android mobile devices.

While this is hardly the first case of a major land based casino adopting mobile betting, it is one in a continuing series of steps that is seeing major land based casinos realizing the potential of mobile betting.

Casinos in Europe have the longest history when it comes to mobile betting on premises, while the activity is quickly finding a foothold in other betting regions throughout the world. Even in the highly restricted Americas casinos are beginning to realize that mobile based cyber betting provides the opportunity to bring in more revenues.

Although they are prohibited from offering internet based wagers from inside the United States, many major land based spots such as MGM Grand have partnered with social gaming firms to provide free play games to guests. While this may seem like an inauspicious practice, it is actually pretty smart. By establishing a cyber backbone into their business structure, land based betting firms in the United States will be more ready to implement real money mobile betting when laws in the casino’s home state are favorable for internet gambling.

This in turn gives the casino an upper hand on their non-participating competition. While other land casinos will be left to strike partnerships and build infrastructure, the original social pioneers will be busy getting their product ready for a fast launch.

Hit guests where they are staying

At a first glance, offering mobile betting to people staying at a casino is a pretty silly proposition. I mean that is why the casino is there, isn’t it?

Well, if you sit and actually think about it, the act of offering mobile betting to visitors of a casino and its resort is really quite genius.

A lot of times, people who end up staying at resorts have children. Those children need to be taken care of, entertained, and have quality time spent with them. A visitor who does these things with their children is losing effective playing time by spending time off the gaming floor. Well what do you do if you can’t bring the visitor to the casino?

You bring the casino to the visitor!

With these mobile options, parents can have a punt while their kids play in the pool or do other various fun things in and around the resort grounds. That helps bring back extra revenue back to the casino floor and keep the parents entertained. It’s a win-win.

The future of mobile betting in land casinos.

While some casinos around the world have adopted real money mobile betting on site, many have not fully integrated the system into their grounds.

As technology rapidly progresses, and more and more players acquire tablets and smartphones, we will see the introduction of more unique mobile games being offered to gamblers. Some software providers such as IGT and WMS have cyber versions of their land based games, but it will be more interesting to see just what transpires between these gaming firms and land casinos.

Given that they have such a strong working relationship established, it is difficult to see how a land based casino would overlook one of the major games developers when trying to adopt a mobile offering. With that being said, sometimes things happen. It is entirely possible that prices for an IGT product could be too high.

If this scenario occurs, it could open the door for an established cyber provider such as Playtech or Net Entertainment, whose online betting games rival any of those that you would find in a land based casino. If those firms get into the market, watch out, because there would be a lot of innovation coming to an already rapidly evolving industry.

So the next time you are staying at a casino resort, make sure to ask the counter person if they have a mobile betting set up. If not, ask them why not, and suggest that their management get on the ball!