PokerStars Android Review

Written by Joseph Falchetti

PokerStars is quite strange when it comes to ratings. I feel dirty for only giving them a seven out of ten, but also, I feel wrong giving them anything higher. Let me explain: PokerStars kills it when it comes to online poker. They are the best company, have the most players, the best software and the best customer support. HOWEVER, they have become the home of every professional poker player in the world. Pros want to multi table, have reliable support and play amongst large player pools. This means that the games are tougher than at any other poker site. I personally want to win money versus a bad player than maybe not win versus a good player.
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  • 100% to $600
  • Jurisdiction :
  • Isle of Man
  • Android App :
  • Yes
  • US Customers :
  • No
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  • n/a
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  • No

PokerStars Android

PokerStars On Android

PokerStars – Doing What They Do Best

Important Notice: PokerStars is no longer accepting players from Greece!

Keeping one step ahead of their competition to ensure that they remain the number one online poker site is never going to be easy for Poker Stars. However thanks to their forward thinking management team they are always looking for brand new and innovative ways of keeping their poker crown firmly attached to their head!

With advances in modern technology not slowing down, this has led to them recently launching their very own mobile poker site. With the number of mobile devices, tablet devices and smart phones increasing at a fast rate, more and more poker players are now using these devices to play poker on the go.

So should you have recently acquired a brand new mobile phone or mobile device and are looking for new Apps, then allow us to present to you our own in-depth review of the mobile poker site, which you will be pleased to learn can be installed and made ready to use on your mobile in a matter of minutes!

One other thing we should point out is that the Poker Stars mobile site has been designed to be compatible with as many mobile phones and mobile devices as possible, and as such you will find that no matter what type of phone or tablet you own you will have a hassle free experience getting it up and running.

Poker Stars Mobile Poker Site

Below is an overview of the features and benefits which you will discover should you decide to play at the Poker Star mobile site. And as a new player they are currently giving away plenty of free poker bonus offers to give your initial deposit with them a big boost in value. The details of this bonus can be found on their website so make sure you take a look!

Play Poker Tournaments – Even though you will be playing poker on your mobile phone or mobile device at Poker Stars, this doesn’t mean you will have any form of restrictions in the type of poker games you can play. So if you like to play in poker tournaments then you will of course be able to do just that.

Being a major force to be reckoned with means that Poker Stars is able to offer the largest range of ongoing poker tournaments to all of their online and mobile poker players, so no matter when it is you are logging onto play you will always have plenty of tournaments available to you.

Hassle Free Deposits -You are going to find that when you play at the Poker Stars mobile poker site you will have a diverse and large array of banking options available to choose from. This will ensure that in regards to you funding your account with them this is always achievable instantly and via a convenient method of your own choosing.

When it comes to getting your hands on your winnings and cash outs, Poker Stars has a solid track record in paying all of their players, no matter in which country they are living, quickly. They will not and never have made their players wait long to get paid.

Poker Clock – One of the brilliant and well thought out features on the Poker Stars mobile App is the Poker Clock. This will let you set up your very own poker tournaments which you can then invite your poker playing buddies to take part in.

You have full control over the type of poker variant to be used in your very own tournaments. You can even set the buy in amounts, number of players needed to set the tournament into action as amazingly even choose how many breaks and for how long they will be once your own poker tournament gets under way.

Fair and Licensed – Never take chances when it comes to ensuring that you are always going to get a true fair and random game when playing poker on any mobile phone or mobile device. You really need to be sticking to fully licensed and regulated sites such as Poker Stars where you are guaranteed to be getting the ultimate an fairest poker playing experience.

The Poker Stars online and mobile poker sites are of course fully licensed and as such they will give you independently verified and certified fair poker games, and their licensing authority ensures that their entire operation is run to the very highest of standards.