Android Betting in the United States

Android betting in the United States is a growing activity. It seems that as soon as the first free play poker games were released for the platform, there was somebody wishing they could do it for real money.

Not only is real money gambling on your Android device a reality in the United States, it is quickly becoming a dominant form of cyber wagering.

But what exactly is Android betting, and how would you go about it? Is it even legal to play a casino or poker game on your device?

There certainly are a lot of questions when it comes to Android and internet based betting in general. That is why we at Android Betting Sites have undertaken the task of explaining the various aspects of Android betting in the United States.

Hopefully after reading this guide you will have a better understanding of Android betting here, and the best ways to go about it.

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Betting on the internet has always been a tricky proposition. The practice was never fully condoned by the United States government, but not specifically ever made illegal either.

The closest that the government ever came to making internet based gambling illegal was in 2006, when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush. The UIGEA “prohibits gambling businesses from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in a bet or wager that involves the use of the Internet and that is unlawful under any federal or state law.”

The problem with that law is that it never specifically defined what constituted as an unlawful website. Nevertheless, many legitimate gaming firms pulled out of the American market in order to protect themselves. This is the reason that many Americans struggle to find good and reliable places to gamble online.

If you are a gambler and live in the United States, there is still hope. Although a lot of big name sites abandoned the country, many smaller offshore sites have remained or been created in the wake of the UIGEA. Some of these sites have kept up with the pace of fast moving technology and offer some really great mobile gambling options for Android users.

To make things even rosier, the U.S. Justice Department changed its mind in 2011, and decided that casino and poker games do not violate a law called the Wire Act, which outlawed certain types of betting. This means that there is no legal recourse against punters in the states, and that individual states can regulate the activity in their own country.

As an Android gambler this means a lot to you. It means that you have the legal right to gamble through your mobile device.

Now that we have the legalities out of the way, let’s take a look at the various types of Android betting and their features.

Types of Android Betting

When taking a look at the various forms of Android betting, we need to analyze the three biggest sections of the gambling market. These sections include casino gaming, poker, and sportsbetting.

Fortunately, you can find legitimate betting sites that offer these services. Many of these sites have a nice design, and an established track record in the gambling market.

At Android Betting Sites, we take a look at just how good these various sites are and rank them from top to bottom. If you are ever in doubt about a betting spot, please feel free to check our page to find out if the casino is legitimate.

In the next section of our guide, we will break down the various types of Android betting, what is traditionally offered, and the best places to play at.


Gamblers who are interested in playing slot machines, table games (blackjack, roulette, craps), or keno type games should look for an Android compatible casino.

A standard Android based casino will offer these types of games at a minimum. Admittedly, some internet based casinos are a bit lax in the games offered department, but those worth their weight will offer something to pull you in.

When it comes to banking, many mobile based casino sites and apps do not allow you to deposit through your device. This is something that is probably better done through your computer for the time being, but as technology progresses you will see more wagering spots offering secure payments through a mobile device.

If you are looking for a good Android compatible casino, we recommend that you take a look at WinPalace and/or Slotland. WinPalace’s mobile version is only new and they plan to constantly add to their offering. The brand itself is a pretty big player in the US market and runs a good ship.

Slotland has been in business for more than 13 years, and offers a nice variety of slot games that translate well to your mobile device. Although they may not have the table games that many foreign facing sites offer, the selection of slots and video poker available offer hours of entertainment. Coupled with the fact that the casino offers fast and reliable banking, with many payouts being processed in 24-48 hours.

Now that we have seen just what you should look for in an Android friendly casino, let’s take a look at the realm of internet poker.


Playing internet poker on an Android device as an American is much more difficult than if you live in other parts of the world.

While citizens of other countries are able to play on big sites such as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and 888, we are restricted, and cannot find a site that offers the card game for real money… yet.

While this undoubtedly is a pain for poker players, there is reason to be optimistic. The states of Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey have all legalized online gambling within their borders. More states are in the process of passing similar legislation, and that can only be good news for Android bettors.

If you happen to reside in a state that offers internet gambling, you will likely be given the option to play online poker on your Android in the near future. If you are outside of those states, you will have to sit tight and either hope for a good offshore option to accept American action, or call your local politicians and ask that they pass some sort of online gambling law.

Despite the fact that there are no real Android poker sites for you to use, there is segment of the betting market that is still open to Americans with mobile devices… the sportsbetting market.


If you are looking for something a little different than playing games for money, you can always visit a sportsbook and bet on other people who play games.

Placing bets online has been around since the early 1990’s, and the act has only grown more popular over time. Despite its tricky legal situation in the States, there are no shortage of quality sportsbooks offering action to American punters.

If you are one of the 17% of American adults who has placed a sports bet in the last 12 months, there is a pretty good chance that Android sportsbetting could be just what the doctor ordered.

A sportsbook that is optimized for Android will fit nicely in your screen and allow you to place a bet from your device. Furthermore, you can usually top off funds through your phone or tablet, and participate in live betting action.

If you are not convinced that Android sportsbetting is awesome, consider this: You are sitting on the fifty yard line of your favorite football team’s stadium. You feel really optimistic about the outcome of the game, and want to place a wager on the outcome. In the old days this would have been an impossibility, but with Android enabled sportsbetting, you can log onto your phone and participate while the game is going on. How cool is that?!?

Unlike the restricted casino and poker sections for mobile betting in the U.S., sportsbetting seems to have flourished on mobile devices. Destinations such as, Bovada, BetOnlineBetGuardianUcaBet, 5Dimes and JustBet all have great reviews among bettors, and have very nice mobile designs.

As a bonus, several of these sites offer mobile bonuses, and sometimes include free bets.


At the end of the day, betting through your Android device as an American is not nearly as easy as it is in other parts of the world. However, if you are determined enough to bet through your smartphone or tablet, there are reputable sites out there that offer great action.