WinPalace Casino Review

When it comes to the world of mobile gaming, a lot of US friendly casinos get the shaft. They are somewhat behind the times, do not offer much in terms of games, and are overall just below par operations.

WinPalace came into the online gambling market back in 2009 with the Netad family of casinos. You may recognize some of their similar brands as being Slots Jungle, Casino Titan, and Begado. In the time that the casino has been online, it has garnered decent reviews, with most players saying that the experience is just fine, while others have complained about the lack of customer service and slow payment times from the brand. We can understand the slow payment (US issues) but cannot excuse the customer support.

We came into this review determined to take a look at WinPalace’s mobile offering. We wanted to see if the Android platform was any different from the casino’s PC offering, and whether or not things on the back end are any better than when we took a look at the full system last.

With all of that being said, let’s dig in deep and actually find out whether WinPalace’s Android offering is worth your time.

A Decent System… If You Are Supported

We ended up trying to get on to WinPalace’s website using our main test cell phone, only to be met with a notice that our device was not supported. Thinking it was the fact that we were using Google Chrome as our mobile browser, we ended up shooting over to the site again using the stock internet browser only to get the same result.

This was disappointing, as we were using a mobile phone that has 2 gigs of RAM and a Quad Core processor. We certainly aren’t running some low end phone, and it was very disappointing to see that we were shut out on that end.

We ended up having success with our Android tablet, and found that the experience was actually much better than we anticipated.

Graphics match the PC site, with dark reds being well complimented by the blacks associated with the site.

WinPace offers a touch interface that is easy to navigate, with log in buttons being easy to access. Login was simple, and we appreciated the fact that the software allowed us to transition between Real Money and Free play on the fly.

Game wise, you are going to be very limited by what you can play on your mobile device at Win Palace. This is not the fault of the casino, but rather the software provider Real Time Gaming, who is slowly bringing its dated games into the mobile world.

Initial titles offered for Android betting include Builder Beaver, Caesar’s Empire, Cleopatra’s Gold, Coyote Cash, and Goldbeard.

Those games are all fun to play though, and we have to say that we were very impressed with the way that the slots ran on our tablet. I can honestly say that the performance on the tablet was actually better than what we saw on the PC, and we really loved the little bit that we got to play.

In terms of other games, you are currently going to be shut out. There are no table games, no parlor games, no scratch cards, no keno. Nothing. It will probably be coming in the near future, but as of right now it is slots or bust at WinPalace.

Customer Service (Or Lack Thereof) and (Sloooow Banking)

We really wanted to give the customer service at WinPalace a break. They have a bad reputation, and if they wowed us with what they did for us, we would have no problem saying how much they improved. Unfortunately, the team at WinPalace simply either can not, or will not step up to the plate and actually provide what can be considered decent service.

Inquiries took a long time to get a response, and on more than one occasion our queries went unanswered. To put this in perspective, the casino’s team is based in Curacao, and we were contacting them at roughly 6PM on their time. This should not have been an issue, and we were frustrated that we had better communication through email than we did on the telephone or through instant messenger.

Banking is another aspect of WinPalace that could be a little better. You cannot run the banking system through Android, and we had to move on to the PC site in order to get anything done.

The limited deposit and withdrawal options are even rougher for American punters, as they have a hard time having deposits processed, and checks take weeks or longer to get to them.


Overall WinPalace’s Android system is one of the better options for US players – but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not up to scratch. We don’t blame Win Palace for this entirely as we know they are working with a software operator who doesn’t like change (RTG). If you are looking for a good American friendly Android spot, more will be coming online soon. Until that time WinPalace may do… just don’t expect to be able to talk to someone if you have a problem.